About us

Raffenday Slovakia, s.r.o. deals with production of wiring harnesses.

The company is the fellow subsidiary with an English company, called Raffenday Limited. It was founded on 1987 and is the UK distributor for DELPHI - automotive components, electrical connectors, batteries…

Since 1992 they have rapidly gained recognition with some industries for quality manufacture of single lead assemblies. Their experience has been gained in a wide variety of markets – vehicle navigation, traffic warning, fork lift trucks, police cars…

All products are manufactured within the scope of their ISO 9001:2000 quality system accreditation.

Raffenday Limited on 2006 autumn started to spread in Slovakia, like a customer. From the successful business cooperation in year 2008 English Raffenday Limited and Slovak Szanem Slovakia incorporated to RAFFENDAY Slovakia, s.r.o.

Raffenday`s objective is to provide customers with a comprehensive range of automotive system component parts, to manufacture electrical harnesses and sub- assemblies primarily for the automotive industry that are fit for the purpose intended and meet customer defined quality standards in a cost effective manner.

Raffenday is committed to providing its customer with consistent levels of satisfaction and maintaining required level of availability while continually striving to increase reliability in line with customer expectations.

These objectives will be embodied in performance targets for the business.

To achieve this the company will ensure that all staff are provided with the necessary resources and training needed. All personnel who work at Raffenday are required to understand the policy laid down in this document and to work in accordance with the published Operating Procedures and Work Instructions